When people bitch about flying I think about Louis CK’s monologue about how we want so much from the world that we are just assholes. That said: The legroom thing is bad. The sitting on the tarmac forever thing is bad. The trapped for hours next to a screaming kid thing is bad. And because the airlines can’t really do anything about any of that, they have decided to improve the thing they can control: tea. British Airways is now using a new Twinings tea bag manufactured especially to excel at 35,000 feet.

If you are about to cough “bullshit” into your hand, that would not be completely unreasonable. But just hear us out. There are actually ways you can adjust tea so that it’s better on an airplane. Like, the water at 35,000 just doesn’t get as hot as regular water. So this tea brews well at lower temperatures. (How? Sorry. You will have to ask a Tea Scientist.) Also, due to the fact that your sense of smell is diminished on a plane, they have made this tea spicier.

British Air serves 35 million cups of tea, and they serve a lot of it to British people, so we really hope they know what they’re doing. Otherwise they are going to have to deal with the polite wrath of some very discriminating tea drinkers.

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