Are you a prolific cook who’s running out of freezer space, or a hapless singleton who doesn’t know paprika from a hole in the ground? Cookisto is linking up people who cook enough to feed an army with an army of people who can’t cook enough to feed themselves.

Right now the site is only operating in Greece, but it’s coming to the U.K. next month, AND THEN THE WORLD (we hope). It’s a great idea — people who love to cook make extra, and people who don’t or can’t can pay about $4 to $6 for a portion. Online reviews ensure that you can choose a cook you’ll like and who won’t accidentally poison you.

Reducing food waste, supporting the sharing economy, getting home-cooked food delivered to people like me who would probably be reduced to eating shoes if it weren’t for Seamless — is there any down side to this? (Besides being risky if you have food allergies.) Let’s get it in the U.S. as quickly as possible, please, preferably before dinnertime.

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