Listen, we’re not going to preach to you about vegetarianism. Meat is a very energy-intensive thing to farm, but unless you live on top of a pole and eat worms, you’re going to have an impact on the environment, so, you know … go ahead and prioritize however you want. That said, 2-year-old Luiz Antonio kind of has a point here: Animals have heads, and when you eat them they die. What’s THAT about?

“I don’t like that they die,” Luiz Antonio tells his obviously moved mother. “I like that they stay standing up.” She can’t argue with that, and lets him skip the octopus and eat the sides. Good work, kid — make mom cry by being all ethically precocious, and you get to have potatoes and rice for dinner!

I guess it’s a little suspicious that mom was filming JUST as her kid started spouting excellent soundbites about a thorny philosophical/dietary problem, but Luiz Antonio’s toddler-logic is pretty authentic. (“Nobody eats chicken. Those are animals!”) So’s his mom’s reaction. I think we’re genuinely witnessing some deep thinking on the subject of carnivorism and its implications, complete with a little improvised song in the middle about how fish, octopus, chickens, cows, and pigs are animals. I’m not going to judge you if you watch this while munching on some bacon, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it turns to ashes in your mouth.

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