What would it take to make something as simple as a sandwich if you had to do it all yourself?

That’s the question posed by Andy George, a filmmaker tackling the true cost of — that’s right — sandwiches.

George is host of How to Make Everything, a web series about exactly what it sounds like. He spent six months making his sandwich, from harvesting the wheat for the bread to killing the chicken for the meat to collecting salt from the Pacific — and being detained after airport security confused the white powder in his carry-on for something slightly less artisanal.

But it’s not just time that George invested — it was also money. The total cost of the ultimate DIY lunch? $1,500. And the taste? Not bad, George said. You’d hope for a little more gusto after eating the world’s most expensive sandwich, but at least he learned something: The things we eat require a whole lot of energy. And, next time, order in.

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