Resolution.Still deciding how to enhance and eco-ify your life in 2012? We rounded up resolutions from Grist readers and staffers to give you some ideas. This year, they’ve resolved to:


Learn to make yogurt, because it’s the item I buy most frequently that comes in a plastic container.
         — Dawn White, Grist Facebook fan

Not have a baby — and donate more regularly to Planned Parenthood.
         — Jess Zimmerman, Grist List editor

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Adding rain barrels and doing a raised-bed garden.
         — Kathryn Tilley, Grist Facebook fan

Transition from a bus-powered commute to a 100-percent bike powered commute, which will also help me transition into having quads like canned hams.
         — Ted Alvarez, managing editor at Grist

Buy fewer new items. Hit up thrift stores and focus on handmade gifts for special occasions.
         — Matthew H. Smith, Grist Twitter follower

1. Don’t eat anything from a Concentrated Animal Feed Operation (CAFO).
2. Don’t buy anything from China.
3. Don’t use any plates, napkins, or utensils to throw away. This means carrying around a coffee mug, water bottle, bowl, and utensils.
         — Katie Rose, Grist Facebook fan

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Try to restrain that ravenous critic in my head, to give the dreamers and chance-takers a little more room to … ah, just read about it here.
         — David Roberts, Grist staff writer

Do more freecycling.
         — Cecile Susie Mills, Grist Facebook fan

Eat vegetarian two days a week (up from one last year).
         — Gerald McLean, Grist’s director of sales and sponsorships
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Hassle more climate deniers. These fools are a menace that needs to be challenged at every level.
         — Scots Renewables, Grist Twitter follower

Make more art from used things — paper scraps, junk mail, reconstructing old jewelry into something “new” again, etc. 
         — Rosalie Miller, executive assistant at Grist

We put a plastic wastebasket under the kitchen sink and filled it with old towels and torn-up sheets. Using those instead of paper towels for most tasks.
         — Robert Mittendorf, Grist Facebook fan

Get rid of our second car.
         — Greg Hanscom, Grist special projects editor

Speak loud and often about realities of climate change — making it an issue this election year! For my children …
         Climate Mama, Grist Twitter follower

Grow some of my own food.
         — Claire Thompson, editorial assistant at Grist

Reduce/avoid clutter. As simple and as difficult as that.
        Feigh Bottcher, Grist Twitter follower

Limit myself and my household of seven others to as little trash as possible — one bag a week or less! (They don’t actually know I’ve made this resolution, so I should probably bring it up at our next house meeting.)
         — Laura Schlabach, social media assistant at Grist

Keep chickens in my yard and eat even more locally.
         — Allison Asbury, Grist Facebook fan

Cease making so much fun of the crunchy-gran-gran crowd, and instead adopt their best habits (but not a hemp necklace or Ani DiFranco).
         — Ted Alvarez, managing editor at Grist

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