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At Grist, we make the vast majority of our reporting available to other news outlets to republish. That’s because as a nonprofit newsroom, we want our journalism to reach as far as possible. As our CEO Nikhil Swaminathan says, we’re “platform agnostic.”

There are a few ways we partner with other newsrooms on our journalism.


Like many other nonprofit newsrooms, we make our stories available to republish, and we include a republishing icon on our stories that makes it easier to copy the text over into a CMS. 

We also participate in a number of initiatives in which we share our stories for syndication. We’re a member of Climate Desk, a group of national and international newsrooms that share content that can be republished. We participate in Covering Climate Now, and make our stories available through their syndication program. We also have our own Global Indigenous Affairs Desk Slack channel where we share stories that can be syndicated with other outlets.

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