Two Minnesota college campus have banned bottled water, and students are, like, totally flipping out. As one College Republican, who apparently is also enrolled in the Sarah Palin School of Political Oratory, put it:

“A little bit goes along the line of free choice. For us, that’s a big principle, in College Republicans is that you can’t really delegate to students what they can and cannot do in their own free will,” said Caitlyn Spence, chair of the St. Benedict Republicans.


In reality, these students need not worry about their important and Constitutional freedoms to drink out of planet-killing plastic bottles. They can drink out of an Ugg for all their schools care. The colleges just aren't going to sell the stuff, i.e. help students shoot their own future in the foot by destroying the planet they're going to have to live on after the old-fogey administration has kicked off.

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If Macalester and St. Benedict College are anything like my college campus, they're just lucky they didn't ban Vitamin Water. Then they'd have a real revolt on their hands.