Our Grand Rolling Redesign of Grist continues today with some significant changes to the website that I wanted to run down for you.

We’re taking the new page design that we introduced here on my blog (and more recently on David Roberts’) and extending it throughout the Grist site. We’re also introducing a new simplified Grist List design to match the new look. It’s all about readability, flexibility — and, yes, shareability (a tough word to love, but how else to say it?).

We’ve got lots of other new plans cooking too, including a new home page, new site navigation, and more. For the moment, you’ve got the current Grist home page design working alongside the new-model Grist article and post pages. This isn’t because we’re ambivalent; it’s because we’re trying to do all this right — carefully, and in stages, and with plenty of time to correct course as needed.

So let us know what you think — in comments below, by email, on Twitter or Facebook, via carrier pigeon or quadcopter, whatever works for you. We’ll try to listen to it all.

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