Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippie Yay

Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippie Yay.

Naki’o is a mixed-breed dog from Nebraska who got frostbite in a cellar when he was a puppy and lost his limbs and part of his tail. But now, thanks to a United States company called Orthopets, Naki’o has been fitted with four prosthetic legs. Now, he can do all the things dogs like to do. He can run. He can play. He can be a wonderful dog like he always was, but now, he can enjoy it more.

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Naki’o was rescued by a kindly woman named Christie Pace who worked for a vet. She raised money to replace the dog’s back legs. When Orthopets saw how well Naki’o was doing with his back-leg prosthetics, they furnished him with front limbs for free. If you want to follow Naki’o’s whole story you can do so here:

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If you don’t cry when you see Naki’o running around and playing with his doggie friends after so many years of not being able to do so, well, maybe you need a prosthetic heart.