Have you ever been at a waterpark and thought, “Why don’t PIGS have their own version of this?!” Erik Stegink did. The impish Dutch farmer all but built a bubbling mud jacuzzi and passed out piglet waterwings for his four-legged walking-bacon friends. According to British site The Metro:

A farmer in Holland has installed a mud slide for his pigs after being inspired by the flumes at a water park.

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Erik Stegink mounted a disused slide he had bought from a nearby pool on his farmland.

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And in no time at all his pigs were enjoying their own amusement park, but instead of water they were diving into mud.

One can only imagine the gush-gush-SLURRRP noises and happy oinks that followed. So the next time you order free-range, organic sausage, ask not where the pig was from … but whether it got to whoosh down a mudslide.

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