Cute giraffe time people. Stop what you're doing now.

Cute giraffe time, people. Stop what you’re doing now.

A rare giraffe — named a Rothschild giraffe after British zoologist Lord Walter Rothschild– was recently born at a Connecticut zoo. This is exciting because a) Connecticut is generally uninteresting, and b) it is always exciting when endangered animals repopulate themselves, even if only slightly. The giraffe’s mom is named Petal, and the baby giraffe, as yet unnamed, is already six feet tall.

Apparently, this child-of-Petal is very curious. She likes to hang out with people. BRB moving to Connecticut to sneak into the zoo and cuddle the giraffe.

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Here’s a video of her standing up for the first time:

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Ah. If only Lord Rothschild were here to see that!