It looks weirdly Flashdance, doesn't it?

KittenBabySitterIt looks weirdly Flashdance, doesn’t it?

In the past, when we have brought you visions of animals in knitwear, it’s usually with some trumped-up justification like “oh, these rescued hens were featherless and cold” or “yeah, these penguins needed sweaters after their oil spill ordeal.” Now we’re throwing that to the wind. There is no reason for this snoozing baby pig wearing socks and a sweater. No reason except COME ON, BABY PIG WEARING SOCKS AND A SWEATER.

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Don’t let this picture turn your head, though — as Huffington Post points out, this adorable pigling is only a baby, and a pig that will stay this tiny and precious forever is still beyond the wildest dreams of genetic modification. So-called “miniature pigs” are considered miniature because they only reach a maximum weight of 200 pounds, instead of 1,000. That’s some big socks.

So OK, I guess I don’t want to cuddle it forever. I only want to cuddle it until it gets to be about 90 pounds, which is the size of my dog. And then I want to establish a combination farm animal sanctuary/knitwear modeling service where it can run and play.

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