H&M’s business model — selling cheap clothes that either disintegrate or fall out of fashion quickly — doesn’t exactly fit into the “buy less stuff” model of sustainability. But they’re still trying to sell eco-consciousness, in the form of “bonded recycled polyester,” which usually serves as jacket lining, apparently.

This one’s probably the cutest of the bunch, but we are afraid of what “bonded recycled polyester” feels like up close.

Thanks to pressure from groups like Greenpeace, the company is working to pollute less and recycle more. Check out a few of the dresses from the 2012 H&M Conscious “Glamour” collection but before you click buy, ask yourself is “Would I buy this nonsense at all if it didn’t have an eco-friendly halo around it?”

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“Will you wear a toilet brush if we call it sustainable?”

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You can wear green and go green in this dress, as long as you’re one of the three people in the world who can pull off this weird color.

This one has a removable skirt, so you can live your dream of wearing a gimmicky Project Runway challenge, before losing the detachable part in your closet and throwing it out two years later.

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