I’m pretty sure this is the ultimate eco-product: a biodegradable shoe modeled after the Amazonian practice of painting resin onto one’s feet to protect them.

Should you invest in these lovelies? Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages:

  • You can dispose of them in a compost bin. (Pre-shredding required.)
  • You can get rid of the weird foot smell by washing them.
  • They roll up really tiny!
  • They are less weird-looking than those creepy shoes that look like gloves for feet.


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  • They look like Crocs made for gnomes.

But Fast Company reports that people are wearing them:

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The people who use the shoe vary widely, says Felipe Izquierdo of OneMoment by email: “Long haul travelers, back-packers in New Zealand forest, discotheque fashion lovers in the UK, mothers taking their kids to swimming lessons, hunters, scuba divers. It’s a long list.” They’re currently available in 35 countries around the world, and expanding quickly.

Generally, I don’t take fashion pointers from British people, but … maybe?