We’re officially time-lapse video junkies, and this one of Blizzard Nemo from earlier this year is pretty cool. It’s only 15 seconds long, but an incredible amount of snow completely covers a Connecticut man’s back patio, turning a table into a formidable snow mushroom. Grab your cocoa and get cozy for this one:

Connecticut was one of the places hit hardest by the blizzard in February, with Hamden, Connecticut, getting a whopping 40 inches of snow. As Philip Bump wrote at the time, “Did climate change create this storm? No. Did climate change make the storm bigger and more powerful? Evidence suggests it.”

Anyway, Blizzard Nemo was clearly not the right conditions for any kind of aquatic adventure. But when three feet of snow gets you down, you know what you have to do: just keep sledding, just keep sledding!

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