Anyone who has ever gone to a bar early on a weekend morning to watch a soccer match can appreciate the real need for Cold Turkey Breakfast Beer. It has a respectably low alcohol content (but still a lot more alcohol than, say, coffee — is “Cold Turkey” really the right name, or should it be “Hair of the Dog”?). And it tastes like part of a complete breakfast, according to the brewery that makes it:

Using oats, barley and wheat in the brew it has all the malty goodness of multigrain cereal, a refreshing grapefruit flavour coming through from the hops gives it a fruity character, and to finish it off the heavy roasted barley gives a brilliant subtle edge to this all day breakfast in a pint.

We recognize that beer doesn’t actually count as multigrain cereal and grapefruits, but at least it’s not trying to taste like Lucky Charms.

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Also, the “breakfast” part of this breakfast beer is just a suggestion, The Drinks Business explains:

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The brewery stressed that the name “breakfast beer” was more to suggest its suitability for drinking at any time and not specifically breakfast.

“Anytime beer” just doesn’t sound as special, though. Or as likely to land you in some kind of program.