We aren’t sure if Arne Hendriks’ idea to shrink everyone is a better or worse climate solution than geoengineering. The Dutch artist thinks that, in light of too many people and not enough resources, the obvious solution is “Honey, I Shrunk Humanity.” Then we’ll all eat a lot less, use way less energy, and finally put those doll clothes in the attic to good use.

Writes Wired:

According to the calculations of Dutch artist Arne Hendriks, a human that was only 20 inches tall would only need 2 to 5 percent of the resources required by an average-sized 21st century human …

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It’s a deeply silly notion that Hendriks has spent several months studying with the utmost sincerity … “One tomato will make a decent soup and one chicken will feed a hundred,” Hendriks writes.

Unfortunately, Hendriks does not plan to build a magical shrinking machine; he hopes we can just gradually reverse the trend of people getting taller through a “slow-growth elixir.” If we learned anything from the “DRINK ME” scene in that documentary Alice in Wonderland, it’s totally possible.

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