[protected-iframe id=”8620a24795443c1d4b1bf2aba07cd449-5104299-2589372″ info=”http://embedded-video.guardianapps.co.uk/?a=false&u=/world/video/2013/aug/15/decapitated-copperhead-snake-bites-itself-video” width=”470″ height=”397″ frameborder=”0″]

From the “don’t mess with nature because it will kill you twice” files: The Guardian shares this video, taken in Huntsville, Ala., of a poisonous snake that doesn’t think it’s dead enough and attacks its own writhing body with its decapitated head. What? Yes. “Many snakes have reflexes for hours following their death,” the Guardian points out. We knew that in theory, but it’s kind of terrifying to see in practice. Point is, if you happen to kill a snake (in self-defense, we’re assuming) just stay the heck away from it.