The National Corvette Museum, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is “hallowed ground,” writes Thom Patterson, at CNN. “The room feels like a cathedral. And for many enthusiasts, it is kind of the Church of the Corvette. It is home to more than 70 unique Corvettes, including several prototypes and a unique 1983 model — the only one in existence.”

But the forces of nature don’t care about that. They just do what they do, which in this case means creating a 40-foot-wide, 20-foot-deep sinkhole beneath eight Corvettes worth, altogether, millions of dollars. Watch:

The hole, one employee told CNN, is “so big it makes the Corvettes looks like little Matchbox cars.” Luckily this all happened at 5:30 in the morning. It’s like the Earth was trying to tell us something. Like maybe: Stop making such a stupid big deal about cars.

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