Earth Blocks are basically LEGOs, but made out of coffee grounds, tree bark, sawdust, or tea chaff mixed with a plasticlike binder material. Finally, a way to teach children that being eco-friendly means playing with monochrome toys made out of dirt!

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Seriously, the color options leave something to be desired (you can have any color you like as long as it’s blackish-brown). And Inhabitat reports that the mechanics aren’t quite as functional as real LEGOs:

The recycled material causes the blocks to be a little softer than plastic LEGOs, and with gently curved edges we hear they don’t snap and lock together quite as securely as their Danish counterparts.

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But softer blocks and rounded edges presumably also mean they don’t hurt like buggery when you step on them, and anyway if you think about it kids LOVE playing with dirt. Hell, you could probably just give them the coffee grounds directly and they’d be perfectly happy to build out of those. But dropping $30 on a set of Earth Blocks is a little neater.