Do you love staring at men’s crotches, but get annoyed when they complain of the cold? That’s what men’s underwear is for! We’re pretty sure you knew about THAT, but here’s an innovation you might NOT be familiar with: eco-friendly tighty-whities by mail every three months. It’s like wine of the month for your guy’s willy!

DaDa’s Quarterly Underwear Club wants to swaddle men’s junk in super-soft undies made from seaweed, coffee grinds, coconut, bamboo, or organic cotton. Styles range from briefs, boxer-briefs, and boxers to long johns, tank tops, and a retro board-short style. If that’s not arousing enough, Dada also boasts the following:

  • Certified by Garments Without Guilt
  • All workers paid a living wage
  • Free transport and meals for workers
  • 10 percent of profits go to charity

So if going commando is getting old, check out the Quarterly Underwear Club’s Kickstarter. Video below mostly SFW except for brief nudity at 1:52 (we mention this so you can avoid it, obviously *cough*):

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