Glancing around at nearly empty cars on the freeway, it’s sadly clear that almost 80 percent of commuters drive to and from work alone. Public transit, biking, and carpooling are both much greener, obvi, but in lieu of those, a tiny, fuel-efficient car for one would be a wee step forward.

With its 84 mpg on the highway (49 mpg in the city) fuel efficiency, The Elio can go 672 freeway miles on a full tank. It’s technically not a car without a fourth wheel, but the mini pod will still get you to the office — at up to 100 mph if you’re REALLY late. Its price tag is equally bite-size: $6,800.


If this “tiny, three-wheeled car!!!!” thing sounds familiar, it’s because others have tried but made itty-bitty death traps Americans understandably had no interest in buying. With its professed commitment to safety and more than 13,000 people in line, the Elio sounds promisingly different, but former Grister Tyler Falk is wary:

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[W]e’ll hold off declaring the Elio vehicle the next big thing in personal transportation until we see some actual sales numbers. That’s because it’s not clear if a low-cost car, especially one with minimal interior space will really catch on in the United States. One company, Aptera Motors, that tried to bring three-wheeled electric vehicles to the U.S. shut down in 2011.

If you can handle a bro-y Ken Doll spokesguy, see what you think of the Elio:

It even has a backseat, if you want to join the 84 Miles (to the Gallon) High Club.

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