The slow loris may be an adorable, big-eyed creature that you want to tickle, but it’s done taking your shit. Specifically YOU, Lady Gaga.

The Gags was filming the music video for her upcoming single “G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)” at Hearst Castle — where she paid more than $250,000 to have the pool filled during California’s emergency-level drought — when a slow loris bit her on the finger.

It was supposed to be a cute, cuddly prop (I guess a monkey in a top hat wasn’t available?) but it quickly got 86ed from the video shoot. “They put it back in its box and took it away in disgrace,” an unnamed source told the Sydney Morning Herald. Probably for the best: Dumbass teenagers adopt (and abandon) enough wild animals without needing Mother Monster to give them ideas.

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To make matters worse, Ecorazzi suspects the slow loris was illegally obtained:

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Founder of the Little Fireface Project, Anna Nekaris, said about the suspected illegally obtained loris, “I am aware of some professional animal handlers either obtaining a slow loris illegally through smuggling or buying a slow loris from a reputed professional breeder. But these animals are so difficult to breed … the likelihood that it was wild-born seems more likely.”

Yikes. The days of the meat dress sure seem quaint, don’t they?