The female condom is a beautiful jellyfish for your vagina. Like its more common male counterpart, the ladycondom helps you avoid contributing to the ballooning population, but unlike the humble jimmy hat, it can also help turn you on (thanks to a flexible ring on the outside), can be popped in several hours before sex, and won’t collapse just because Mister Floppy does. Frankly, it’s odd that a Ben & Jerry’s flavor isn’t devoted to it. But at least these dresses are:

Perfect for your wedding, prom, or bat mitzvah.

PATH/Patrick McKernPerfect for your wedding, prom, or bat mitzvah.

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The filmy frocks aren’t just a wacky designer’s attention-grab. They were part of a female condom fashion show (!) held by global health nonprofit PATH to drop some birth control knowledge. Fast Company reports:

The event attracted all sorts of dress-makers — there were designers from the New York Fashion Academy, supporters from Planned Parenthood, and member of PATH’s staff. In total, they showed 11 dresses.

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“We were blown away by people’s interpretations. Some people were coming down on the disease angle, others were like, ‘I’m totally going to glam this up.’ There was one baby blue chiffon dress that looked like it was ready to go to a ball,” says [PATH communications and advocacy head Kimberley] Whipkey.

And if for some reason you can’t think of anywhere to wear a dress made of clam dams, fear not. PATH’s female condom film festival is the perfect occasion.

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