Most honey badgers just don’t care; they just don’t give a shit. Not BG, a honey badger that the Johannesburg Zoo just promoted to its social media manager. BG cares a LOT, mostly about the stuff every Twitter user does: eating lunch, hanging out, and peeing on tires taking selfies.

The Joburg Zoo is posting tweets from BG the honey badger’s perspective in a gimmicky attempt to get people talking about the zoo (which, by the looks of this post, is working). But it’s not just some intern in a broom closet typing badger-inspired tweets on a laptop. The zoo actually installed wireless infrared motion sensors in BG’s living space and prewrote hundreds of tweets that are triggered when he moves to each of six zones. That part makes it actually cool.

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Follow BG, who has racked up almost 2,000 followers in two weeks, and watch this video about how his tweets get posted:

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