J. Houston / J. Zimmerman

Photographer James Houston’s newest project includes shots of celebrities like Christy Turlington, Adrian Grenier, and a notably unclothed Emma Watson. The project, Natural Beauty, features rather suggestive pictures of the young actress, in which she’s wearing only exotic flowers and is sort of … moist.

Which is her prerogative and all. But we don’t entirely get the green angle here:

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Of his work, Houston said: “This project merges my longtime interest in the human form and my passion for the natural world. …

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“Natural Beauty was created to celebrate the beauty of nature, emphasizing what we still have versus what we have lost. I hope to raise environmental awareness among the younger audience through this project.”

I’m not entirely sure where environmental awareness comes in here. My definition of the natural world doesn’t include “the bodies of famous people which requires huge amounts of money, time, and weird beauty products to shape.”

Profits from the books will go to Global Green USA, so that’s positive. But — just a guess! — most people are probably going to be less concerned about the ecological situation of those flowers, and more annoyed about their strategic placement.

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