Man, this Brimfield, Ohio, police chief sounds like a jerk who practices exactly the kind of policing we need less of in this country:

“My officers will have a quota for tickets … at least one per shift. We are going to be profiling, too,” Chief David Oliver wrote last week. “We will target a specific group, with the express purpose of writing as many tickets as possible. I am strongly encouraging my officers to write as many as they can, every shift, every day … it is called Operation Safe Summer.”

Oh, except that he’s talking about targeting kids. Who are riding bikes. With helmets on. And the tickets don’t punish the kids, they reward them: Each one is redeemable for a free ice-cream cone at the local drive-in.

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And it’s definitely encouraging good behavior, if this kid is any indication:

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“Police officer came and gave us a ticket for ice cream for being safe and wearing helmets,” she said. “I’m getting chocolate chip cookie dough.”

See? She chose chocolate chip cookie dough, objectively the best ice cream. Smart kid.