If Daft Punk is playing at your house (or Robin Thicke, for that matter — “Blurred Lines” is rapey but catchy), PUT A RUBBER ON IT. Specifically, this “Get Lucky” condom made by Durex and Daft Punk in honor of the latter’s latest single:

Harder, better, faster, stronger?

UproxxHarder, better, faster, stronger?

Reports Digital Spy:

As part of the publicity campaign for the condoms, Durex has sent free packs to well known DJs.

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American DJ and producer Diplo posted a picture of the open branded packaging on his Facebook page on Monday (July 8), along with the caption: “Thank God I had those Daft Punk condoms last night.”

The condoms are said to be hitting shelves in mainland Europe before becoming available in the UK.



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Everybody knows overpopulation ain’t cool. There are more than enough of us on this planet already and I don’t need anyone else to fight with at Buffalo Exchange over the cute size 10 flats. (You know what they say about ladies with big feet! STAY AWAY FROM US AT BUFFALO EXCHANGE OR WE WILL KICK YOU.) Even if restaurant condoms gross you out, use SOME kind of birth control, OK? This has been your electronica-inspired after-school special. Now go get lucky.

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