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With Singles Appreciation Day just around the corner, you’re no doubt looking to Grist to guide you through it in the greenest way possible. Surveys indicate that over three-quarters of Americans find eco-mindedness an attractive quality in a partner, so if you’re not concerned yet about the PVC in your sex toys or the child slavery that produced your dark chocolate, it’s time to get conscious. Not to worry: We put together a last-minute Whitman’s sampler of our Valentine’s Day advice to make sure that whether you’re in lust, in love, or (happily!) alone, Mother Earth will always be your Valentine.


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First, some truth: Holidays are really just about eating. I personally like to celebrate V-Day on the 15th by hitting up the drugstore for half-priced candy. Classier (and less-single) folks probably prefer something decadent the day of; since nothing shows your devotion more than home cooking, we suggest whipping up a delicious dish from our trove of romantic recipes:

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Ask Umbra

Umbra never lets your eco-worries go unresolved — that includes dispensing wisdom on key V-Day topics like sex and the essential flowers and chocolate. Check out this roundup of Umbra’s research over the years on eco-safe sex toys, DIY gifts and treats, and setting the mood (sustainably).

Sex and dating

If you’re a disaster in the kitchen or stumped for pre-dinner date ideas, check out these suggestions for great green dates (library lovemaking, anyone?). But in case things get hot and heavy, don’t forget to do your safe-sex homework beforehand (nothing says “call me” like a whiskey-flavored condom).

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No hot date lined up? You’re cutting it close for the big day, but there’s always next year: When it comes to finding your perfect green god or goddess, location is everything. (Hint: Try riding mass transit!) And if no one on OK Cupid lives up to your standards of sustainability, you could always try your luck on a dedicated green dating site.

Then again, perhaps you shouldn’t give in to all the red-and-pink-hued peer pressure at all — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending Valentine’s Day alone. Think of the benefits: You keep all the fair-trade chocolate and organic vodka to yourself.