This adorable/emotional Chipotle ad, featuring Willie Nelson justifying Coldplay’s existence, has been knocking around the internet since at least September. But after its TV debut during the Grammys, it stole the heart of … Fox News.

Fox News describes the ad as “stealing the Grammys spotlight,” and even allows that “many” think its message is important:

It may feature cute animation, but the message is a strong one. It’s an indictment of what many consider a dark side to the meat industry here in America: factory farming.

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It gets better!

While people may dream of animals roaming free before being taken to slaughterhouses, in reality, most meat comes from animals held in cramped cages their entire lives, pumped full of drugs and food that plumps them up in a short amount of time.

Conclusion: The way to get concerns about industrial agriculture into Fox News reporting is to link them to fast food and country music.

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