Fellow animal lovers, rejoice: No longer will we have to bite our nails with worry, wondering whether otters are better than sloths or sloths are better than walruses. Buzzfeed is running a March Madness tournament for the cutest things nature has to offer, and when it’s done we’ll all know for certain which animal is best. At least this year.

Although, wait … are there no sloths in this tournament? I CALL SHENANIGANS.

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Above is a bracket for you to fill in yourself, and below is Grist List’s bracket (you can click both to embiggen). Start a pool at your office, play for bragging rights with your friends, or just follow along with the nail-biting action.

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The first match-up is on now — it’s polar bears versus walruses, and as far as I’m concerned there’s no contest. We’re all in favor of polar bears not permanently losing their habitats, obviously, but how the hell do they expect to compete with this?

Add in Grist List’s known fondness for baby walruses, whistling walruses, and workout walruses, and we’re pretty sure we know how this one is gonna go. But once it comes to red fox versus panda — and it will — it’s anyone’s game.

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