We may never know what twist of fate caused this GoPro video camera to fall out of a plane, down towards the earth, and into a pig sty. But here, via Digg, is the result: an amazing video of what it looks like to fall from the sky and be eaten by a pig:

This could be a marketing stunt of some sort … we’re less inclined to trust the veracity of the viral internet every day. But it seems possible that Mia Munselle, who says she found the camera, is a real person. (She has a pretty active Pinterest account, at least.)

But no matter the origins of the video, a pig did try to eat the camera filming it. To be fair, the pig did not succeed at eating the camera. But it definitely tried. This pig has seen Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It knows what it’s supposed to do when a foreign object gets thrown into its sty. EAT IT.

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