A Colorado couple was sipping their morning cup o’ joe when a baby elk made its way onto their trampoline to eat some snow. You can hear the couple’s commentary in this video — don’t worry, when they talk about “shooting him,” they are just planning on killing and eating him. I mean IT. (Never humanize them, Holly. That’s the first mistake.) But it’s hard to tell what the elk thought about the experience. Luckily, I speak elk. Translation after the jump:


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HEY! This snow is pretty tast–WHOOPS. Hey, I think I’m trapped in here? How do I get outta here? Maybe if I paw … George, you are NOT helping. WHOA THIS IS FUN. OK, I know you two can see me, so why aren’t you helping me out? Oh right, just TROT AWAY, George. Shit, this thing is slippery. This is kinda fun but can you seriously let me outta OUCH. Well I WOULD get out of here if I could, now wouldn’t I, George? I TRIED to paw a hole in it. Nooooot helping … But admit it, you are kinda jealous I’m — whoops. Fell down again. OH I MADE IT! Now let’s get the hell outta here.

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If (like me) you were hoping for more bouncy-bouncy, here’s your consolation prize.