We’re fans of Barcelona for all sorts of reasons: It’s got great street art, a strong bike culture, and buses with gardens on their roofs. But those are all piddling, passing details compared with Barcelona’s greatest, weirdest sight: Sagrada Familia, the church that looks like the best sand castle you could possibly imagine and which has been under construction since 1882. Here’s what it looked like 1915, for instance:

The current stewards of the project, though, say that in just 13 years they will have it finished. And here is what it will look like. (Before you press play, we recommend muting the actual video and following the advice of one astute YouTube commenter: “Cue Game of Thrones soundtrack.”)

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This is just a guess at what Antoni Gaudi intended the church to look like, but one way or another, it’ll be nice to have it done. And, really, we’ll take any excuse to go to Spain, bike around Barcelona, and end our day in a street cafe sipping on cheap red wine.

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