Can you imagine just being able to sit around and watch television all weekend on your massive energy-sucking flat screen while someone else niftily, sustainably, mowed your lawn? Someone you didn’t have to pay? Someone you didn’t even have to talk to, because they’re a little tiny automatic lawn mower, which is, when you get down to it, so much more useful than a person anyway?

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In addition to being kinda cute, Honda’s Miimo lawn mower is smart — like a goat, but cleaner. It monitors the level of its own lithium-ion battery and marches itself right over to the charger when it needs to (how adorable is that?), and it also has these little sensors on it that tell it how much grass to cut.

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And that brings us to the sort of sad part: It only cuts millimeters at a time, so you have to use it a couple times a week. Which, let’s be honest, might be more of a pain in the ass than just going out and cutting the stupid grass your own goddamn self. And also, let’s face it — it’s not the most masculine item ever created. The type of dude who likes to drink a beer while driving the riding mower around is not gonna go for this. Still. If I had ever cut grass in my entire life — and I have not, not one blade! That’s for the beer-drinking mower-riding dudes! — I would be very tempted.