Food52, which recently relaunched as Food1852, is everything a modern food publication should be — online, crowdsourced, full of ideas about canning, chicken coops, churning butter, preparing possum for dinner, and perfecting a “61-day dry-aged, sous-vide, bone-in chipmunk steak.” Are you wondering, “Should I dilute the laudanum before rubbing it on the gums of my caterwauling baby?” Food1852 has got you covered:

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We see the writing on the wall — you want your pickled eggs, your heritage millet, your rusty chicken coops, maybe a prairie linen or two. You like artisanal? We’ll show you artisanal. How many of you can say you milk your own cows to butter your morning toast?

Excuse us, we’re going to go bake our own hardtack, figure out what to do with this possum we just shot, and wish we’d come up with all these April Fools’ jokes ourselves.

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