These are maybe the most attractive “green” clothes we have ever seen:

They’re trendy, they make your ass look good (or at least they make her ass look good), and they’re made in part from recycled glass bottles. TreeHugger explains:

In much the same way that plastic and bamboo are transformed into thread, the glass is broken down into a fine particulate, melted, and extruded into fiber. Using a mix of 25 percent glass fiber and 75 percent cotton, the resulting material is soft to the hand, yet is durable and performs as denim should.

The company is called I Am Not a Virgin, and it’s not just being cheeky. (Although it’s also being cheeky. If you wear its jeans and T-shirts, you will not be a virgin for long, I guess is the idea? GlassPlastic pants: sexy.) Its goal is to use no virgin materials — which means a lot of recycling. In addition to the beer-bottle jeans, the company is also working on a technique to make T-shirts from those stupid yogurt containers that many cities will not recycle. So into it!

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(Also, Richard Branson’s Virgin group is trying to get them to change its name, because there needs to be only one Virgin left in the world. Screw that. You can sign a petition here to tell Branson’s Virgin to fuck off and, like, go bother the Catholic church or something.)

Update: We’re told by Peter Heron, the company’s founder, that we misunderstood the glass recycling bit of this story. There’s no glass, only plastic. Still cool!

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