If season two of Orange Is the New Black just can’t get here fast enough, let Jason Biggs distract you for two minutes with some SeaWorld snark.

“When I have kids, I can’t wait to take them to SeaWorld!” he says sarcastically. “Maybe they’ll get lucky and see when the trainers get their legs ripped off.” Then the truth comes out: “SeaWorld, why don’t you eat my dick, OK? I don’t love SeaWorld. I fucking hate SeaWorld.” The actor ends up naked in a kiddie pool to illustrate orca confinement.

PETA contacted Biggs about making the ad after the group saw his anti-SeaWorld tweets last fall.


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The actor saw the heartbreaking doc Blackfish and “it moved me,” he told Buzzfeed. (The film includes whale hunters snatching baby orcas from their moms and the animals’ depression and anger at being in captivity.) Biggs and his wife hope musicians and tourists continue to avoid SeaWorld — attendance fell 13 percent in Q1 2014 — so the park becomes a thing of the past. As he told Buzzfeed:

My wife put it perfectly. She said, “We’re gonna look back on SeaWorld and say, ‘Do you remember when we took these huge whales and put them in small tanks for people’s amusement?'”

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Who knows; maybe Biggs can get the bro-y pubescent male set on board.