In case Apartment Therapy and A Beautiful Mess hadn’t convinced you of your utter failure as an amateur interior decorator, check out the Bruce/Alexander home. Located in Sydney, Australia, the artist couple’s home got a makeover by architecture firm Tribe Studio (you mean a local design company isn’t helping you remodel?).

Now the home features a second-story skylight, atrium, and pulley system so two bikes can be stored out of view while copious natural light pours down:


Katherine Lu

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Surely you could easily replicate this in your own hovel. Simply knock a large hole in your ceiling (I’m sure your landlady won’t mind), throw some glass up there, add some bungee cords, and voila! A foolproof bicycle pulley system.

It’s especially good if you’ve run out of ways to be late for work. No more wheeling your bike off the front porch or out your front hallway — that’s way too efficient. Now you can waste precious minutes pulling your bike down from on high, ideally bopping yourself on the head in the process (bonus points for sullying your work clothes).

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

But don’t listen to me. I’m probably just jealous I don’t have an atrium.

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