Here’s shark conservationist Ocean Ramsey — wait, her name is Ocean? Is that for real? Is she a mermaid who got confused about human names? She is probably a mermaid who got confused about human names. I mean, look at her! Anyway, here’s shark conservationist Ocean Realhumanname Ramsey playing finsy with a great white. Because you should definitely live every week like it’s Hitch a Ride on a Shark Week.

Ramsey clearly has little regard for human life, given that she’s all up in a shark’s business, plus you’ll notice that she’s down there without an oxygen tank, because of how her species does not require oxygen to live. But she cares a lot about sharks, and wants to raise awareness of them as intelligent creatures that will probably not eat the shit out of you and you should return the favor. She should maybe start her awareness campaign with the Daily Mail, which described the shark as an “enormous mammal.” Guys, this is obviously a fish and a mer-person, no mammals here at all.