Everyone knows you’re not supposed to talk about Gatsby’s car accident. You know, the one that killed that unfortunate redhead and got his license revoked for life. So it’s no wonder he’s biking nowadays (although can someone please tell him to put on a helmet?!):

He was last seen pedaling furiously toward a green light and shouting “Daisy! DAISY!” (Either that or sketching Kate Winslet naked.)

You may not have forgiven DiCaprio for J. Edgar, but it’s pretty cool that he was riding a CitiBike. NYC Bike Share operates the program, which launched on Memorial Day of this year. Hundreds of bikes are scattered throughout New York City for people to borrow and ride 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can ride wherever you want and return the bike to any of the 600-some stations. Of course it has an app, too, to make finding a bike and planning your route even easier. Nice choice, old sport.

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