In the department of Awesome Things We Wish We’d Known About Earlier: For years, Asheville, N.C., has had men dressed up as nuns roaming the streets on tall bikes while blasting loud music.



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And, in action:

These nuns, known as “Sister Bad Habit, Sister Hairy Mary, and Sister Sauerkraut,” are part of an Asheville bus tour, which features, along with the nuns, a purple bus and other hijinks.

Oxford American managed to interview Sister Bad Habit last year:

Pint of ale in hand, Sister Bad Habit paused for a moment in her dogged pursuit of evildoers to provide some insight into her eternal mission …

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GC: What has been the most uplifting moment in your battle against sin?

SBH: I would have to say it was about a year ago when I was riding my twelve-foot-tall, high-and-mighty bicycle through a town in the hinterlands outside Asheville, with my boom box attached to the front. It brought such joy to the people. They eventually joined in, chasing me and screaming loudly: “Keep moving, Sister.” They felt my purpose so much that they began waving farm tools and pitchforks and firing up torches.

For once, we agree with pitchfork-wielding townfolk: Keep moving, sister! Come visit us sometime.

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