In the past, we’ve gotten very excitable over the potential of NASA’s Mars exploration program (and, of course, its handsome mohawked representatives) for getting people interested in science. We’ve reported on the launch of Curiosity, its climate change experiments, and its mundane activities like taking self-portraits and blowing up rocks, and we even made excuses for it when it left trash behind. And this is how the rovers repay us? By drawing penises all over the Red Planet?


The (accidental!) space wang is actually not the work of Curiosity, but of its older and obviously naughtier siblings Spirit and Opportunity, which were launched in 2003. Apparently they got bored sometime in the last nine years. Despite being posted on NASA’s website, though, their graffiti went unnoticed until it was turned up by the conglomerate of dick-seeking missiles known as Reddit. Nice work, guys. You may have royally bollixed the whole crime-solving thing, but you found the largest of planetary dongles, and for that we salute you.

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