Scientists have found a new species of cave-dwelling snail in a cave in Croatia, 3,215 feet down into the earth. It’s called Zospeum tholussum, and it moves very slowly, hangs out near water, and looks like a fancy jelly bean:

I would guess it’s coconut-chocolate flavored. Really, we’re just lucky a hungry scientist didn’t distractedly pop it in her mouth.

Even the dried-up snail shells look not unlike the jelly beans you dropped into the seat cracks of your mom’s car and forgot about:

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And no matter how gross those jelly beans were, half the time you ate them anyway. You would eat this snail. Don’t lie. (Please don’t eat this snail, though. The scientists only found one living specimen. Probably because the rest were eaten at Halloween by trick-or-treating bats dressed like humans.)

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