Hipsters in love: Nina Schmidt and Jarred Greff

TransLinkHipsters in love: Nina Schmidt and Jarred Greff.

Well, THIS’ll bring a tear to your transit-loving eye. A cute Canadian couple just got married on the same No. 3 bus where they met 16 months ago. As Nina Schmidt relayed to TransLink, Vancouver’s metro system:

I was sitting in the folding accordion-like section when Jarred walked by and sat down a couple metres away from me. We couldn’t stop making eye contact. Then he stood up and sat down to the closest available seat to me. We had about three stops to talk before I had to get off the bus. We didn’t exchange numbers, but he told me he worked at Main and 23rd. With the encouragement of good friends, I chased him down at work later that day. A couple days later, we went on a 22-hour date and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

It sounds cheesy, but I would call it love at first sight …

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There is never a week we don’t talk about our first meeting on the bus. It’s just so random. I had to run after that bus that day, and Jarred didn’t plan on taking it, but he was running late to work. What are the chances that a girl from Germany and a guy from the prairies would meet on a bus and fall deeply in love?

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“What are the chances”?! I’m not a statistician, so let me consult my — OK YEAH, her chances of finding undying love on public transit are apparently better than mine or anyone’s I know. Are you happy now, Nina? (She probably is. She just got married on a bus with 30-some wedding guests who thought they were en route to the church.)

Well, congrats, I GUESS. Anyone know where I can buy an annual bus pass?