Can you believe those Democratic senators, staying up all night to chat about something as frivolous as climate change? Well, thankfully a straight white evangelical male God had a hearty chuckle at their expense, at least in confirmed wacko Pat Robertson’s version of things.

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The fundamentalist TV preacher, who is essentially just a neckless sack of fear and hate, recently said on air that Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, and others got a prank for the ages when the guy in the sky sent them a brief power outage:

“So, God says, ‘Harry and Barbara, you’ve got it all wrong.’ He dropped the temperature 40 degrees, sent so much wind that it that it knocked out the lights in the Capitol dome for the first time in years,” the televangelist laughed. “And it’s still cold! … Isn’t that fun?”

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Something tells us we disagree with Robertson on the definition of “fun.” (Also, Robertson joined Jerry Falwell in saying that pagans, abortionists, feminists and so forth spurred God to allow the 9/11 attacks as punishment. And all climate change gets is a power flicker and some wind? God must be pretty down with this.)

In related news, slow internet is God telling you to watch less Netflix at work.

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