Just about the last thing any weary, precaffeinated morning commuter needs is to think a meteor is smashing into her. And yet that’s what the geniuses at Pepsi thought would be huh-LARIOUS.


To promote one of their random new drinks, the beverage company installed an augmented reality panel on a bus shelter in London. Commuters saw a video feed of the sidewalk, but with several surprising overlays: UFOs, a tiger, and that giant meteor crashing down within startle-worthy proximity. Here’s the video:


The parallel to liquid sugar is unclear. Perhaps soda companies’ unending parade of barely distinguishable variations of their core products is a meteor-like assault on our patience? Or Pepsi’s ingredient list includes UFOs — Unidentifiable Fructose Offenders?

In any case, this would’ve been way cooler had it not been an ad, but just a cool stunt to entertain commuters. Then again, more interactive (or intrusive) bus ads seem to be A Thing at the moment.