Have you talked to your cat about sex? Because maybe you should. In fact, the SPCA of San Francisco thinks you should stock up on pet condoms before Fluffy goes into heat.

No glove, no puppy love.

PetCondoms.orgNo glove, no puppy love.

The organization launched petcondoms.org to make sure you put a rubber on Rover spread awareness about spaying and neutering. Alas, the pet condoms are not actually being produced — they’re just a consciousness-raising tool. But the site has a valuable message, and it’s hilarious. It mimics what you’d see on Planned Parenthood or Cosmo, with headlines like “How to Put On a Pet Condom” and this, the best one ever:

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Once you click, the site urges you to make an appointment at the vet or tell a friend. It’s a clever way to market a worthy cause — those snips can halve the number of unwanted pets in shelters (at least, that’s what the SF SPCA boasts having done since 1985).

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There may be no such thing as chicken liver lube, but you can still be a good pet owner by ensuring your dog or cat doesn’t pull a Duggar.