Here’s some news to make you happy: Pharrell Williams not only makes catchy, sunny jams, but he’s trying to do something good with all the plastic junk in the Pacific. The musician and fashion designer announced at New York Fashion Week that he’s partnering with designer denim label G-Star RAW to create jeans out of ocean waste.

And it’s not just gloriously tacky back-pocket bedazzling; the plastic is incorporated into the jeans as part of the core of each denim strand. It’s covered in an outer layer of cotton to create “bionic yarn.” (But can it lift cars with a single hand?)

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Check out Williams’ promo video, which is light on the details but heavy on cute octopuses:

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The collection, G-Star RAW for the Oceans, will be available in mid-August. Then you can buy them, and put them in a plastic bag, which will eventually get thrown out and end up in the ocean, and then collected to turn into jeans. It’s the circle of life.