Score one for mass transit: When your car breaks down, you’re stuck on the side of the road, all by your lonesome. When your train breaks down, if you’re lucky, you’re stuck in a train car with a French winemaker who happens to have all the makings of a wine tasting at hand.

Washingtonian reports:

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[W]inemaker Paul Goldschmidt, owner of Chateau Siaurac … was en route to DC for a special wine-tasting event at Calvert Woodley on Connecticut Avenue. The wine store had earlier sent out an announcement boasting of his visit as “what promises to be one of the most exciting in-store tasting events of the entire season.” It called Goldschmidt’s wines “stunning.” It was scheduled for 5 to 7 PM, but of course the time came and went and with no winemaker. He was trapped on a train.

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Rather than sit on his supplies of wine, Goldschmidt decided to go ahead with the tasting — in the Quiet Car, where he was seated. According to Washingtonian, it did not stay quiet (passengers were reportedly singing “La Marsellaise,” a common side effect of drinking French wine). But presumably people were too smashed to be jerks about it.